Whenever we start a new matte painting, something is always in our main priority; to be inspired by one of the most splendid movies in the history of Warner Bros, called The Hobbit. Hobbit is a great resource for any matte painters around the world who need some excellent materials for their own matte painting to use in their own artworks. No matter what kind of style you choose to create your matte painting; You always need a soul to enhance beyond your creativity. Ervalenda was designed based on elvish environment, so we tried to add some historical assets to build up this place. Always remember that, now we have an opportunity to create some great tutorials about matte painting, 3D modeling, Compositing... for you. That's all you need to learn how to create your favorite matte paintings with your unique skills. We'll take cover everything that could help you to discover the new gate of art in your life.