The Heart of Lovaskazia Landscape who stabilize the environment with monocrolizer (Known as Main Station)
They are Take Care of Everything & Also Manage Other Ships (Known as Shell Ship)
Fastest Ship in Lovaskazia, designed for Hyper Transformations (Known as Mole Crab)
The Only Space Ship Who Can Attack Over the Skies of Lovaskazia (Known as Sea Horse Ship)

Lovaskazia  comes with special course instructed by Yousof.

Station Full of Lovaskazian Soldiers for Emergency Situations (Known as Ground Station)
Stations Who Checkout The Security of System Transformation Between The Space Ships (Known As Control Station)
whenever you ask yourself; who is the best designer in the world, or who can create the most gorgeous artwork? there is only one answer. all of us are designed flawlessly by the most creative, splendid and genius designer in the world, who designed everything in mind blowing details, which means nobody could ever win this competition with our Lord. so that's have been decided by our team to cheat from our Lord's creatures. yeah, you know who can you introduce to us, to design better? so we little cheaters tried to redesigning the Sedrantiana based on the real world Arowana fish, Suzaladrin Based on Sea horses, Hedrolavasky based on Horseshoe crabs and finally Nirdana was designed based on Emerita analoga. Thanks’ a lot for the most awesome designer, in the whole universe.
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